Tim Green

I work at Google DeepMind as a Research Engineer. I was previously a postdoc at the University of Oxford in the Materials Modelling Laboratory, where I also did my Ph.D. research.

My research was supervised by Jonathan Yates and my thesis was entitled Prediction of NMR J-coupling in condensed matter. My research interests included computational materials science, density functional theory, quantum chemistry, condensed matter and nuclear magnetic resonance.

I was also co-founder of Democracy Club, an effort to improve UK citizens' experience of democracy using technology.



Past talks

  • Every election is unique(ly identified) slides
    Citizen Beta, Newspeak House, 133 Bethnal Green Rd, London, 7 PM, 2nd December 2015.
  • Prediction of NMR J-coupling in condensed matter
    ESDG, TCM, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, 22nd April 2015.
  • Helping citizens to better understand the General Election with online democratic tools slides
    #mysocial, Jam Factory, Oxford, 7th January 2015.
  • Ab-initio investigation of dynamics and J-coupling in Pb2ZnF6
    SMARTER4, University of Durham, 3rd September 2014.
  • Calculating J-couplings with Ultrasoft Potentials and Relativistic Effects
    NMR Crystallography: Combining Experiment and Calculation, University of Warwick, 14th January 2014.
  • Election lessons
    OpenTech, ULU, Malet St, London, 11th September 2010.